What's brown, white,
and yellow with four eyes?

Leonard Zelig
at the League of Nations.

Not everyone, however...
was entranced
by the human chameleon...

and amongst the fanatics...
he was a handy symbol
of iniquity.

This creature
personifies Capitalist man.

A creature who takes
many forms to achieve ends...

the exploitation of the workers
by deception.

To the Ku Klux Klan, Zelig...
a Jew who was able
to transform himself...

into a Negro or lndian,
was a triple threat.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fletcher...
certain that her findings
are correct...

begs for time
with her patient...

to put her theories
into operation.

You recall
the first time you began...

behaving like the people
you were around?

In school,
some very bright people...

asked me if I read "Moby Dick."
I was ashamed to say
I never read it.

And you pretended?
When did the changes
begin happening automatically?

Years ago.
Saint Patrick's Day.
I wandered into a bar.