My father beat my sister
and my brother and me.

My mother beat my father...
and my sister and me
and my brother.

The neighbors beat our family.
People down the block beat
the neighbors and our family.

I'm twelve years old.
I run into a synagogue.
I ask the rabbi
the meaning of life.

He tells me
the meaning of life...

but he tells it to me in Hebrew.
I don't understand Hebrew.
Then he wants to charge me
$600 for Hebrew lessons.

Dr. Fletcher's therapy consists
of a two-pronged attack.

In the trance state,
the personality will be...

deeply probed
and then restructured.

In the conscious state...
she will provide
love and affection...

unconditional positive regard.
You will be completely honest.
You're in a deep trance.
You will become not who you
think I want you to be...

but you will be yourself.
Now, how do you
feel about it here?

It's the worst.
I hate the country.
I hate the grass
and the mosquitos.

And cooking--
your cooking is terrible.