In the conscious state...
she will provide
love and affection...

unconditional positive regard.
You will be completely honest.
You're in a deep trance.
You will become not who you
think I want you to be...

but you will be yourself.
Now, how do you
feel about it here?

It's the worst.
I hate the country.
I hate the grass
and the mosquitos.

And cooking--
your cooking is terrible.
Your pancakes--
I dump them in the garbage
when you're not looking.

And the jokes
you try and tell...

when you think you're amusing
are long and pointless.

There's no end to them.
I see.
And what else?
I want to go to bed with you.
Well, that surprises me.
I didn't think you
liked me very much.

I love you.
You do?
You're very sweet...
because you're not as clever
as you think you are.

You're all mixed up and nervous,
and you're the worst cook.

Those pancakes...
I love you.