Your pancakes--
I dump them in the garbage
when you're not looking.

And the jokes
you try and tell...

when you think you're amusing
are long and pointless.

There's no end to them.
I see.
And what else?
I want to go to bed with you.
Well, that surprises me.
I didn't think you
liked me very much.

I love you.
You do?
You're very sweet...
because you're not as clever
as you think you are.

You're all mixed up and nervous,
and you're the worst cook.

Those pancakes...
I love you.
I want to take care of you.
No more pancakes.
I started out...
by trying to use Leonard
to make my reputation.

Then I found I had
very strong feelings for him.

I never thought
I was attractive.

I never had a real romance.
Charles Koslow
was the type of man...

my mother felt I should marry.
Feeling more confident
every day with her patient...

Dr. Fletcher takes him
for a cautious outing--

an afternoon at her sister's
house in nearby Teaneck.

Meryl Fletcher
is an aviatrix...

a fine professional pilot.
Eudora Fletcher
is an amateur pilot...

and the afternoon
is spent relaxing...

and retelling
old flying experiences.