Broadway Danny Rose

% My lovely, lovely woman,
l hate to see her cry

% But when l start to mangia,
l get the evil eye

% My vuole's gettin' stronger,
ah, to hell with my gumba

% Then l get it from my woman,
che de botts a na sciatta

% Agita, my gumba, in the banzone
% When l eat,
he gets a treat like a canzone

% he enjoys every meal,
every bite that l steal

% Agita, my gumba, in the banzone
We got to do miami jokes.
If you're in FIorida, you do miami jokes.

morty, I tried miami jokes.
I don't know what works any more.

- Why? What happened?
- I got that big miami joke that I do.

About the hoteIs being expensive
and how much it costs,...

..Iike $1 50 a day for a sIeeping room,
and I said to the cIerk ''What's cheaper?''

He said ''I got a room for $10,
but you make your own bed.''

So he gave me a hammer and some naiIs.
That's the joke.

- It's a good joke. It works.
- Been workin' for years. Last night it died.

That audience sat there
Iike they were an oiI painting.

I don't know why.
AIways works when I do it.

You do that joke?
maybe that's where I got it from.

When I broke into
this business in New York,...

..I couId pIay at Ieast 1 2û to 2û0 weeks
a year without Ieaving the city.

- There was the Latin Quarter...
- The China DoII.

- China DoII...
- Queen's Terrace.

- PIayed the BouIevard...
- What about Jersey? The Stagecoach...

- LampIighters.
- Riviera, BiII miIIer's.

Look how far you have to go. You went
to Washington. I went to BaItimore.

- You gotta have good tyres to work today.
- Or a good car.

The first impression I did,
I went to see The Seventh Veil.

I didn't want to become an impressionist.
I was trying to deveIop an EngIish accent.

The idea of impersonating James mason
was the furthest thing from my mind.

Out came this impression and
I've been doing impressions ever since.

- But this thing is aII in the mask, right?
- And then I did Picasso for a few weeks.

You know the first time
I saw you do mason?