Broadway Danny Rose

- What do you mean?
- You got any friends outta town?

- Outta town? Like where? Are you nuts?
- You better check into a hoteI.

You were gonna settIe this
with one phone caII.

It's gonna take a few days.
meanwhiIe, they're Iooking for you.

DarIing, can I say one thing?
I'm going to the poIice.

No, that's a mistake. You gotta Iay Iow.
Lay Iow? I didn't do anything! my whoIe
Iife I never got invoIved in any troubIe.

I eat the right foods. Now I gotta Iay Iow?
Jesus! You said one phone caII.

I know. It's gonna be taken care of.
I got someone onto it.

- my advice is to check into a hoteI.
- I got an apartment.

- Why do I need a hoteI?
- You can't go back there for a few days.

I'm gonna spend for a hoteI
whiIe I'm carrying an apartment?

AII right, it's a mix-up.
Just don't go home, that's aII.

I gotta go home.
You know, you're bad news, honey.

I knew that when you were
starting with the ice pick on Lou.

Nice girIs don't screw around
with ice picks.

- Just don't go home.
- I gotta go home.

I gotta get my piIIs and my shorts. And
Lou, the poor guy, he's probabIy a wreck.

(Lou) I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk.
I mean, I'm OK.
I'm gonna be aII right.
Now where you been?
I'm goin' crazy. Where's Tina?

Lou, Lou, take some bIack coffee
and get over to the WaIdorf. She's here.

You speak to him, cos he's Iost.
He's gone aIready.

Lou, I'II be there, honey.
Just do what Danny says.

- (Danny) Be nice to him.
- We'II meet you at the pIace.

Of course I miss you.
But wiII you Iay off the sauce? AII right.

(Danny) He's drunk.
I knew this was gonna happen.

Where are my piIIs? I need
a VaIium the size of a hockey puck.

- Who's this? Who is this here?
- What do you mean? That's Frank.

Frank, Tony Bennett and me.
This was a big night.

See me up there? A IittIe tiny smudge
that's Iike a fingerprint. That's my head.

There I am with miss Judy GarIand.
Never a dearer woman existed.

- Where are you?
- WeII, I'm right outside of frame.

Cos if the picture went on another inch,
I wouId be... I was back behind the dais.