La Diagonale du fou

You weren't followed?
Not a chance.
- Who's your man in our group?
- Nobody.

I don't believe you.
Good for you.
Opportunist scum.
We can't all be dissident superstars.
How's our hero?
Can he travel
without his cardiologist now?

He doesn't need a cardiologist.
He'll put you to shame, my boy.
You know I'm going to beat him.

Me, the turncoat, the traitor.
The bourgeois idealist.
You'll see.
When I'm world champion,
in Pravda they'll call it...

yet another victory
for Soviet chess.

Did you bring me here
to tell me this crap?

- Did you see Marina?
- Yes.

How is she?
Fine, I think.
She didn't tell you anything?
Why doesn't she answer my letters?
What have you done to her?
Pavius, Marina wants a divorce.
Tell her to wait
until after the match.