Better Off Dead...

A nice breakfast
will cheer you up.

I am not
getting upset over...

- What is that?
- It's bacon.

I know it's bacon.
What have you done to it?
You said you didn't like
all the grease from fried bacon...

so I boiled it.
What is Lane doing up
at this hour on a Sunday?

Doesn't he turn to dust
if the sun hits him before noon?

It's tryouts
for the high school ski team.

He's going up
to Mt. Brody with Beth.

Sure he's going up with Beth.
He can't do anything
without that girl.

I tell you, Jenny,
that boy is obsessed.

Now, honey...
Do we not throw things away
when they're empty?

What in the name
of all that's holy...

Badger likes the prizes
you can get...

from cutting the coupons
from the boxes.

He's mailing them today.
Can't you wait until the...
Lane, a closet door can be closed
as well as it can be opened.

Sorry, Dad.
Dear, your breakfast
is getting cold.