Better Off Dead...

Do we not throw things away
when they're empty?

What in the name
of all that's holy...

Badger likes the prizes
you can get...

from cutting the coupons
from the boxes.

He's mailing them today.
Can't you wait until the...
Lane, a closet door can be closed
as well as it can be opened.

Sorry, Dad.
Dear, your breakfast
is getting cold.

It's all right, Mom. I can't
have breakfast today. I got tryouts.

Nervous stomach. Don't wanna
throw up from the chairlift again.

Had to buy that guy
a new hat last time. Bye, Dad.

Memorandum. I would like to
take a meeting with you tonight...

to discuss that vehicle
you purchased several months ago...

yet has darkened our driveway,
immobile, ever since.

Okay, Dad. Noted.
Talk to you tonight.
I gotta pick up Beth.