Better Off Dead...

Don't be so shy. Come on.
Monique, this is Ricky.
Ricky, this is Monique...
the French foreign exchange student
who'll be staying with us.

It's an awesome spectacle...
and a vicious display
of seething opponents...

once again paralleled
in an obstinate attempt to prove...

superiority of the roads
unequal in our lifetime.

The crowds swell with anticipation
as the lights turn green!

You stupid bonehead!
I'm gonna activate your dental plan!

Come here, you idiot!
Get out of this car!

If he asks me out,
of course I'm gonna go out with him.

I mean, he skis the K-12.
Yeah. He's so boss.
I'll tell him after tryouts. You
know how he gets when he gets upset.

Yeah. From the chairlift.
He had to buy the guy
a new hat last time.

Lane's here. I gotta go.
I'll call you later. Bye.