Better Off Dead...

Listen up.
Your running time has to be...

under 58 seconds to even
be considered for the team.

Your time will be gauged
along with a rating...

of one to ten on your style,
which will be judged solely by me...

and my vast expertise
of skiing technique.

Why don't we have you sorry-looking
lot of hopefuls make your way up.

You future members of the girls'
ski team can all keep me company...

until it's time
for you to take the track.

- Who'd like to hold my clipboard?
- Me! Me!

You'll make a fine little helper.
What's your name?

- Charles De Mar.
- Shut up, geek.

- What's your name?
- Beth.

That's my favorite name.
- Buenos dias. Roy Stalin.
- Hola. Lane Myer.

I can see you and I
share one common desire...

the desire to be a part
of the well-oiled machinery...

that is the Greendale
High School ski-racing team.

- The desire for victory.
- Well, l...

Right on! Get up there,
and let's see what you got.

- Ready up there?
- Yeah. We're all set.

What is the next victim's name?
"Myer. Lane Myer."
Is that as in Oscar Mayer?
That's a roger, dude.
You were standing with Oscar.
Is he your main wiener man?
Don't listen to Stalin, kid.
He's a punk.

Now, you show 'em, Rock.
You show 'em how a skier
really skis.

- We're sending him down.
- That's a roger. Counting down.

Drei, fry. Go!