Better Off Dead...

You're the best thing
that ever happened to me

I knew right away
I knew right away
It's okay.
I was planning on having my nose
flattened by a professional anyway.

You're that French kid staying with
the dorkheads... Smiths next door.

We're neighbors.
Me Lane.
Monique Junet.
I can't believe
you're here tonight

Who told me dreams
don't work out great

You do speak English,
don't you?

That's okay.
I don't speak French.

I had no idea
where you'd gotten off to.

You shouldn't make me worry.
I see you've made Monique's...

A number of times, yes. She's
a delightful girl with a firm grip.

Mother will pick us up
at the entrance of the school.

She'll be very disappointed
if we aren't right...

at the entrance
of the school.

Tell you what. Why don't you wait
in the front of the school?

And when Mom gets here,
you have her honk the old horn.

Monique and I would like
to continue our conversation.

You should not upset Mother...