Calamari Union

Dedicated to those
ghosts of Baudelaire -

Michaux and Prevert who
still hover on this Earth...

I don't want to tire
you or myself -

by going through
the many reasons -

why life is impossible
in this part of the city.

We all know the circumstances
forced on us in our early years:

crowded homes,
ignorance and hunger.

Not to mention stuffy buses -
with irregular timetables.
There are more hills here -
than anywhere else
in the world!

Loose-running kids and dogs -
make it impossible
to move in the streets.

Like lepers we hide
in the back alleys.

We are humiliated
and spat on -

as if we weren't free members
of a proud nation.

Besides, an evil old woman
kicked me in shin once -

only because I opened my
mouth in the wrong place.

I'm not a dog.
I know that you can also -
respect yourselves slightly,
if necessary.

That is why we are here
today: no more crying -

it's time to leave.
The decision is not easy.

Many of us have strong
emotional ties here.