Calamari Union

with irregular timetables.
There are more hills here -
than anywhere else
in the world!

Loose-running kids and dogs -
make it impossible
to move in the streets.

Like lepers we hide
in the back alleys.

We are humiliated
and spat on -

as if we weren't free members
of a proud nation.

Besides, an evil old woman
kicked me in shin once -

only because I opened my
mouth in the wrong place.

I'm not a dog.
I know that you can also -
respect yourselves slightly,
if necessary.

That is why we are here
today: no more crying -

it's time to leave.
The decision is not easy.

Many of us have strong
emotional ties here.

Many must sacrifice
their childhood -

their memories
and their families.

"The branch of a rotten tree must
seek a healthier trunk."

We have all heard our
grandparents and our parents -

talk of Eira, a place on
the other side of the city.

The streets are wide and the air
is smooth and fresh there.

That is our destination tonight.
Before we move on to
practical matters -

I want to be certain that
everyone realises -

the dangers and
responsibilities of our journey.

The floor is yours, Frank.
- Thank you, Frank.

I have organised us transport
to the extreme centre of the city.

After that it's every
man for himself.

Some will take the southern,
others the northern route -

some will attempt a break
straight through the lines.