Calamari Union

I want a suit
to match this tie.

From my childhood I can only
remember my mother.

She used to slap me gently
with her big hands -

before putting me in bath.
- Did you like it?

I don't know.
You feel lonely in water,
especially if it's cold.

It's different if
it's warm.

Or what do you say?
- Nothing.

You're doing the talking.
Couldn't life go on
without the wind?

It makes everything shiver.
All you see are
unimportant things.

Still we shiver.
I wonder why?

I am feeling sad, too.
We all feel it
in our throat.

You know, although I'm still
young I used to be younger.

So did my friends.
I call them my friends -

even though they've
rejected me.

Already then, we were
tormented by fear.