Calamari Union

She used to slap me gently
with her big hands -

before putting me in bath.
- Did you like it?

I don't know.
You feel lonely in water,
especially if it's cold.

It's different if
it's warm.

Or what do you say?
- Nothing.

You're doing the talking.
Couldn't life go on
without the wind?

It makes everything shiver.
All you see are
unimportant things.

Still we shiver.
I wonder why?

I am feeling sad, too.
We all feel it
in our throat.

You know, although I'm still
young I used to be younger.

So did my friends.
I call them my friends -

even though they've
rejected me.

Already then, we were
tormented by fear.

They could've
used our fear.

Telling us: "This is it,
we'll bury you!"

And so we were afraid
to run too fast.

What if we'd found ourselves -
by an open grave,

Breathless, we would've
realised that we wouldn't -

have been able to say
anything, no breath.

They don't know how to teach
one to feel the vibes here.

We don't know the rules.
It must be the Time.
We should get ahead
of the Time.

Nobody likes me.
Everybody scorns me
and despises me.

They only tolerate me -
because my parents
are fairly rich.

I've got myself friends
by bribing them -

with candy and later,