Death Wish 3

Protection, robbery, theft.
Your money or your life.

They hit the old people up here.
What goes on out there is a disgrace.
Now wait a minute. Who killed Charley?
I'll show you.
Those three. I saw them running away
when Charley got killed.

- Their faces are painted.
- They belong to the same gang.

We got hell here. You see, it's their turf.
- See him?
- Yeah.

What about him?
He runs the gang. He's the worst.
He's been away. I don't know where.
Looks like you could just go up
and smash him in the face, doesn't it?

Well, it can't be done.
What do you mean?
He's got guys watching him.
I saw a guy try to reach him once.

They chopped him to pieces
before he got six feet.

Is it worth living here like this?
You mean move?
Everybody who can, has.
Me, I got nowhere to go.
I fix clocks, meters for the cab company.
I got a little place down the street.

It's what I do.
I'm not gonna get run outta here.
Are you going back where you came from?
Bennett... when I got to Charley's
apartment, he was still alive.

- Did he say anything?
- Yeah, he said,

"Take care of my things until I get back."
I've got the keys to his apartment.
The rent is paid till the end of the month.