Death Wish 3

They chopped him to pieces
before he got six feet.

Is it worth living here like this?
You mean move?
Everybody who can, has.
Me, I got nowhere to go.
I fix clocks, meters for the cab company.
I got a little place down the street.

It's what I do.
I'm not gonna get run outta here.
Are you going back where you came from?
Bennett... when I got to Charley's
apartment, he was still alive.

- Did he say anything?
- Yeah, he said,

"Take care of my things until I get back."
I've got the keys to his apartment.
The rent is paid till the end of the month.
They've cleaned up and are through
with their investigation. Cops don't care.

- Well?
- Like you said, the rent's paid.

Good night. See you in the morning.
Lock your door.
Bitch, get over here now!