European Vacation

That will be...
...$253 American.
- You're mistaken.
- How could that be?

Who the hell called Chicago?
Audrey, your father
didn't really mean what he said.

Yes, he did.
Not really, honey.
He has nothing against Jack.

He's not really going to cut off his balls.
Are you, Clark?

Okay, I won't.
Let's relax and enjoy the countryside.
This country is eons old, kids.
That's centuries, to you and me.

Charming, isn't it?
It looks like Massachusetts.
It stands to reason. The English settled
Massachusetts. The old pilgrims.

Plymouth Rock. That's where it started.
And speaking of rocks...
See that? That's Stonehenge. Fantastic.
What the hell is this?
Nobody knows for sure. Some think
it's a calendar or an astronomer's tool.

Others think it was built
by men from outer space.

The consensus is that it's
an ancient timepiece built by the Druids.

Whatever, it's been here a long time.
Since 2,000 years before Christ.
It's bound to be here 1,000 more.
Stand over there.
Act like you're setting your watch.

This must be where they sacrificed virgins.
God, I miss Jack.