European Vacation

That's it!
That's the way I want my hair cut!

You don't want to look like a rooster,
do you?

There's Buckingham Palace,
where the Queen lives and works.

Works? What does she do?
She queens and vacuums.
We'd like to check out, please.
Yeah, Mr. Greaseball.
Let's tally up your bill.
Will we really have time
to see Stonehenge?

No problem.
I've calculated the driving time.

If we skip lunch,
we'll make the plane to Paris.

I'm sick of English food. I feel like a blimp.
You look fine.
Don't I just sign?
Pig in a Poke takes care of this.

- It does not include the telephone bill.
- We just made a couple of local calls.

That will be...
...$253 American.
- You're mistaken.
- How could that be?

Who the hell called Chicago?
Audrey, your father
didn't really mean what he said.

Yes, he did.
Not really, honey.
He has nothing against Jack.

He's not really going to cut off his balls.
Are you, Clark?

Okay, I won't.
Let's relax and enjoy the countryside.
This country is eons old, kids.
That's centuries, to you and me.

Charming, isn't it?
It looks like Massachusetts.
It stands to reason. The English settled
Massachusetts. The old pilgrims.