La Historia oficial

They were suspended.
Of course. Do you remember
Moreno's words?

- Does anyone remember?
- I do, Ma'am.

He said the only distinctions
among Junta members are...

those based on where
they happen to sit.

He also says, in that document,
"no inhabitant of Buenos Aires...

drunk or asleep, may speak
against his country's liberties."

Very good, Duran.
Does anyone remember
other writings...

by Moreno, illustrating
his republican feelings?

I do!
Well... I do.
There was an article by him
about freedom of the press.

Your name?
Why don't you stand up
and tell us about it?

Oh, I don't really know.
I don't know anything by heart.
My old man says if I
studied things by heart...

I'd never learn anything.
Tell us in your own words.
It's something like this: If
publishing the truth is forbidden...

lies and poverty will triumph...
and ignorance. They
didn't kill him for nothing.

Moreno. They didn't chuck him
in the water for nothing.

It wasn't for nothing.
They used to throw people overboard
if they died on the high seas.

They had no way to preserve
corpses on long sea voyages.

But Moreno was poisoned.
It's a theory...
Some people believe it.
But there's no proof.