They were betrayed.
They shared the same confessor,
a weak, foolish priest.

On one day, on a drunken confession to
his superior, he committed a mortal sin.

He revealed the loversÂ’ secret
vows to the Bishop.

The old fool didnÂ’t realize
what he had done at first...

...or the terrible revenge
the Bishop would exact.

His Grace seemed to go mad, he lost
both his sanctity and his reason.

He swore, that if he could not
have her, no man would.

So, Navarre and Isabeau
fled from Aquila.

The Bishop followed, ever more ardent,
ever more persistent than a hound.

An evil man, a powerful
man, hated and feared;

Rejected even by Rome itself.
He called upon the
powers of darkness...

...for the means to
damn the lovers.

In his fury and frustration,
he struck a dreadful bargain...

...with the Evil One
The dark powers of hell...
...spat up a terrible curse,
and you have seen it working.

By day, Isabeau is the beautiful
bird you brought to me.

And by night, as you
have already guessed...

...the voice of the
wolf that we hear...

:51:32 the cry of Navarre.
Poor dumb creatures, with no memory of
the half-life of their human existence

never touching in the flesh.
Only the anguish of a split
second at sunrise and sunset...

...when they can almost touch...
...but not.
always together...
eternally apart...

As long as the sun rises and sets,
as long as there is day and night