I walked in my sleep.
This can happen.

But this is not normal.
And it is our duty to find the reason for that.

But don't you understand?
You will find out nothing.

I've been examined by specialists before.
It is not an illness.

Not yet, but it could become more serious.
And you can't remember anything?
Sleepwalking is far more serious
than talking in the sleep, ...

...or ransacking the fridge.
It could even lead to a new personality trying to emerge.
Sometimes it is the first step on the path to schizophrenia.
So you think I'm crasy?
O.k., forget your EEG.
Calm down, calm down.
O.k., start it.
I will show you who is crazy.

What is going on?
That is strange.
Do you suffer from epilepsy or
do you take something like... drugs?

I am not schizophrenic, epileptic or stoned.