is privy to my brother's plans.
This severity is unlike
Lord Taro.

And you, my lord...
why do you do nothing?
He's right.
You should succeed
the Great Lord.

Lord Taro is a weakling.
The stake is large:
gamble for it.

Then you are all willing...
to gamble with me?
Dogs turn on a master...
who gives up the chase.
Sound the horn or become
the quarry.

How the dogs howl!
I must say, I find it unfair.
Born twelve months after Taro...
so all my life
I must grovel at his feet.

- Crack these bonds!
- Good for you, my lord!

Don't like your chops yet.
Taro is easy pickings.
His wife, Lady Kaede,
is another story.

Quite true.
She'd be a perfect match
for you.

Why not steal her?
Don't be impertinent.
First of all, there's Father.
He still has thirty warriors.
Each one is worth a thousand.
He'll soon be here...
and so will they.