Study, and use your imagination!
Aquarius, your instincts are good.
You're inclined to all kinds
of study and creative work.

A waste of another two hours!
People are insane!
Take Baby forme.
They describe the place
like it's a palace.

You go all the way across Paris,
and when you get there,
it's a dump.

Did you get pictures?
They call it "Old Style."
Don't make me laugh!

A place like that is more than old.
It's a ruin.

Sure, it's big.
But who in their right mind
would ever live there?

I didn't beat around the bush.
I told them,
"If you don't fix it up,
you'll get peanuts for it."

Yes, ma'am?
- Did you type that contract for Mr. Reinhard?
- Yes.

How do you spell that?
Like it's pronounced.
How do you pronounce it, then?
That's what I thought.
Right, Paulot?
You did say Renard?

It's not Renard. It's Reinhard.
Type it all over again!
No, don't. Let me sit down.
I'll do it myself.

That way I'll know
it's done right for once.

Make yourself useful.
Get us some coffee.

I swear!
Paulot, a customer.
I'm looking for an apartment.
Step this way.
I'll see what I can do.

Sit down.
- Just what are you looking for?
- A place that's all mine.

I'm sick of crashing at friends' places,
and hotels are depressing.

- You have to be more precise.
- In what way?

- What part of town?
- I don't know Paris.

Soissons Real Estate.
I don't care,
as long as it's near the center.

- Furnished or not?
- Unfurnished.