Not just that.
To live my life.
Well, I might as well sleep here.
I want to be alone.
It's suffocating in here.
No, go away, Paulot. I'm tired.
All that walking, and besides, I'm sick of
cheap hotels, and sleeping with men -

It's too much.
Calm down.
You're juston edge. It'll pass.

You'll be fine.
And I left my cigarettes in the lobby.
Wait here.
Who is it?
Is that you, Paulot?

Go away or I'll scream!
What are you so afraid of?
I'm not going to kill you.
Wouldn't be hard, though.
Nobody saw me come in,

and if I work it right,
nobody would see me leave either.

You can yell all you like,
but no one would hear over the storm.

Besides, all the other rooms
are empty during the day.

What do you want?