- Sorry, Paulot. I'm very late.
- Never mind. That's okay.

- I had an audition.
- Do you have many?

Yeah, but I never get the part.
Where is it?

Right here, but it's a dump.
You won't want it.

Yes, I will. I even have my bags.
I tell you, it's really disgusting.
I still want it.
There's no concierge or anyone around.
And the other floors are empty.
They're going
to tear the building down soon.

- I'll have something else by then.
- Let me carry a bag.

- What floor is it on?
- The second. It's right here.

Wait. Let me get the right key.
I could never live here.
- I find it old-fashioned and musty.
- Not me. I think it's wonderful.

Stop! It's so old.
No, it's perfect for me.
Sure you won't change
your mind in a week?

- You won't be scared living here?
- Scared of what?

I don't know.
Well, if you're positive you want it,
I'll help you fix it up.

It really is a wreck.
I can give you an old bed.
I'll help you, okay?

First time someone helped me
without asking for anything.

That means a lot.
Well, you mean
a lot to me too, Nina.

I've never had my own place before.