They're going
to tear the building down soon.

- I'll have something else by then.
- Let me carry a bag.

- What floor is it on?
- The second. It's right here.

Wait. Let me get the right key.
I could never live here.
- I find it old-fashioned and musty.
- Not me. I think it's wonderful.

Stop! It's so old.
No, it's perfect for me.
Sure you won't change
your mind in a week?

- You won't be scared living here?
- Scared of what?

I don't know.
Well, if you're positive you want it,
I'll help you fix it up.

It really is a wreck.
I can give you an old bed.
I'll help you, okay?

First time someone helped me
without asking for anything.

That means a lot.
Well, you mean
a lot to me too, Nina.

I've never had my own place before.
- Let's open the shutters.
- Wait till we've seen the whole place.

Look. It's much lighter in here.
Ah, that's what I like.
There are no trees out there.
I hate nature.

Go ahead. Keep going.
What's wrong?
Don't you want it?

Of course you do,
just like all the others.

Well, make it fast.
Since you're looking for payment,
go on! Have a ball.

Ah, you like it the other way.