I'd like to speak to Paul Trabichet.
Follow me.
Paul, someone to see you.
My name is Scrutzler.
I'm a friend of Quentin's.
I just got to Paris.
I stopped by his place.

They sent me here.
We lived together, but-
Could you give me his new address?
I don't understand.
I wrote him I was coming.
We'd set up a very important meeting.
Quentin... had an accident.
Yesterday morning.
He's dead.
You must be a relative.
A relative, no.
I mean... yes.
Yes and no.
I'm really very sorry,
but we had no idea who to call.

There's no one to call.
I'll take care of everything.
Who is that man?
I've heard his name before.
Whenever he'd call,
Quentin would run like the devil.

I went by the agency,
but you weren't there.

I waited for you till nearly 8:00.
You're all set. I got the lease.
It's all filled out.
I'll take care ofthe rent.

You happy? Look.
Hey, look.
Tell me everything
you know about Quentin.