The thought of him fucking you
is enough to make me puke!

How long's this been going on?
What do I care?
You have to stop now!
If you came to criticize me, go away.
I'm not criticizing, Nina.
I just want to warn you.

He'll hurt you as much as he can.
He loves to hurt people.
It's the only thing he talks about.

If you think you'll beat Quentin,
you're kidding yourself.

I'd like to speak to Paul Trabichet.
Follow me.
Paul, someone to see you.
My name is Scrutzler.
I'm a friend of Quentin's.
I just got to Paris.
I stopped by his place.

They sent me here.
We lived together, but-
Could you give me his new address?
I don't understand.
I wrote him I was coming.
We'd set up a very important meeting.
Quentin... had an accident.
Yesterday morning.
He's dead.
You must be a relative.
A relative, no.
I mean... yes.