I asked Paulot in.
This way you don't have to lie to him.

The three of us should
work this out together.

What do you say?
Ever want to fuck Paulot?
Stop. You're hurting me.
Let go!
How about you, Paulot?
Don't you want her?

Fuck off!
No use getting all uptight.
It'd be more friendly
if everyone made it with everyone.

Why won't you sleep with Paulot?
Don't you like him?

He could make you happy.
He's a real one-woman man.
Isn't that right, Paulot?
You're the ideal pair, you two.
You want me to fix up
your other cheek the same way?

No, Nina wouldn't like that.
- That's enough, Quentin.
- Am I bothering you?

Okay, I'll leave.
What are you doing with that guy?
You fool! He's the worst thing
that could happen to you.

The thought of him fucking you
is enough to make me puke!

How long's this been going on?
What do I care?
You have to stop now!
If you came to criticize me, go away.
I'm not criticizing, Nina.
I just want to warn you.

He'll hurt you as much as he can.
He loves to hurt people.
It's the only thing he talks about.

If you think you'll beat Quentin,
you're kidding yourself.