Runaway Train

We've got men arranged
in ages from 14 to 19.

Unfortunately, all were killed
in the subsequent crash of the plane...

and their names are being withheld
until notification of next of kin.

We switch now to our live action
reporter at the federal courthouse...

with the latest on
the Manheim-Stonehaven prison case.

We've just gotten word
that the federal judge...

has issued his opinion.
We don't have
all the details...

but apparently Oscar Manheim,
the notorious life-term prisoner...

who has been welded in his cell
for three years...

has won
his civil rights suit...

against officials at Stonehaven.
Stay with us for details.
In a few minutes
we'll be back with comment...

from Associate Warden Ranken.
I say yeah!

Hey, Rogers.
Rogers, lookee here, man.
- What's up?
- Manny's won his case.

The courts ordered
to let him out of the hole.

- Great. That's great.
- Yeah. Uh, Warden Ranken...

is gonna be on the tube soon.
Let the dudes in the cell blocks
hear him talk that shit he talks.

Put channel nine
into the speakers, man.