Runaway Train

has issued his opinion.
We don't have
all the details...

but apparently Oscar Manheim,
the notorious life-term prisoner...

who has been welded in his cell
for three years...

has won
his civil rights suit...

against officials at Stonehaven.
Stay with us for details.
In a few minutes
we'll be back with comment...

from Associate Warden Ranken.
I say yeah!

Hey, Rogers.
Rogers, lookee here, man.
- What's up?
- Manny's won his case.

The courts ordered
to let him out of the hole.

- Great. That's great.
- Yeah. Uh, Warden Ranken...

is gonna be on the tube soon.
Let the dudes in the cell blocks
hear him talk that shit he talks.

Put channel nine
into the speakers, man.

Hey, you got shit in your veins
or what, man?

I was holding
my mud around here...

when you were peeing
in your diapers.

- All right. They'll all hear it.
- Fucking A, man!

I say, Rogers--
Thanks, man. Yeah!

Nobody wants prison to be a playground.
We all want criminals punished...

but don't you think you shocked
the public conscience...

by keeping a man welded
in a cell for three years?

Well, a man, yes,
but Manheim is an animal.

He broke out of here twice,
he's robbed banks...

he-- he's a killer.
He doesn't care about your life,
my life...

or even his own life.
Fuck your mother!
Hear that trash, Ranken!
Fat-faced faggot!
Somebody shoot
that pansy vegetable!

Manny for president!
He believes in nothing.
He's capable of anything.