Teen Wolf

A can of cocoa, a can of mauve.
Am I right?

- Kirk, how was my reading?
- Beautiful, darling.

Very sensual. I'm still in pain.
Thank you.

You're welcome. Listen, about tonight...
I'm serious. I'd like to take you.

I've got a van.
Hope your acting's better
than your hook shot, boy.

I already have a ride.
Or maybe you were just acting
like a basketball player.

He just delivers hardware, Mick.
Maybe he should get back
to delivering it. Come on.

(Kirk) I said mauve. Not turquoise!
Mr Lolley?
- The boss says I'm to pick up a keg.
- Is that right?

- The boss called you, right?
- Can't say he did.

Hot damn. The boss is throwing a bash
for one of the boys at the gravel pit.

He just got paroled.
Well, I've got plenty of bread.
Here. There's a little extra for you.
Got to see your ID... sport.
- I don't even like beer.
- Never... say... die.