Teen Wolf

- The boss called you, right?
- Can't say he did.

Hot damn. The boss is throwing a bash
for one of the boys at the gravel pit.

He just got paroled.
Well, I've got plenty of bread.
Here. There's a little extra for you.
Got to see your ID... sport.
- I don't even like beer.
- Never... say... die.

What would you say
if I wanted to quit the team?

- Quit the team?
- Yeah.

That's pretty drastic.
You're not the worst player they've got.

Your mother always said
you could do anything you wanted to.

- I was thinking of doing something else.
- Like what?

School play.
Theatre has its place, I suppose,
but what about
your commitment to the team?

Dad, has anything ever happened to you
that was so weird...

- Maybe we should have a chat.
- How's the king of nuts and bolts?

- Stiles, nice shirt.
- Thanks. Come on, we're late.

- Boof going with you?
- I don't know how she's getting there.

- Is this OK?
- Don't worry, I'll get it.