Teen Wolf

What would you say
if I wanted to quit the team?

- Quit the team?
- Yeah.

That's pretty drastic.
You're not the worst player they've got.

Your mother always said
you could do anything you wanted to.

- I was thinking of doing something else.
- Like what?

School play.
Theatre has its place, I suppose,
but what about
your commitment to the team?

Dad, has anything ever happened to you
that was so weird...

- Maybe we should have a chat.
- How's the king of nuts and bolts?

- Stiles, nice shirt.
- Thanks. Come on, we're late.

- Boof going with you?
- I don't know how she's getting there.

- Is this OK?
- Don't worry, I'll get it.

Have a good time. Be careful.
- Come on.
- Hey, listen. Stiles.

- Is there a rash going around?
- Why, you wanna catch one?

- I'm serious.
- No...

...but I heard Mr Murphy,
the shop teacher...

...got his dick caught
in a vacuum cleaner.

Forget I asked.
- Stiles, you're crazy.
- No, not crazy. It's perfect.

Now you just stick this in your pocket like this.
You don't say anything except:
"Give me a keg, buddy."

Pay for it so he can't say you robbed him.
You know I'd do this myself,
but that old guy already kicked me out.

Give me the gun.
Give me the money.