Teen Wolf

- I can smell what you're looking for.
- The stash?

Oh no, I checked there.
Stiles, this is just between you and me, OK?
Yeah, yeah. TW.
Look at you.
You're gonna be glad you came to me,
because with the right angles

we're gonna turn this into something...

Stiles. Stiles.
(Dad) Go ahead. Shoot it, shoot it.
(Dad) No way, no way.
Don't foul me now. Here we go.

(Boof) Yeah!
- Hi, Scott.
- Hi.

Boof came over for a little one on one.
She's killing me.

What? What's so funny?
- We were just chatting. Do you mind?
- No, why should I mind?

Well, I gotta get going.
Would you like to walk me home?

- Boof, I just got here.
- Scott.

- Yeah.
- Thanks for everything.

- You better work on that jumpshot.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Are you coming?
- Yeah.

Get in!
So, you guys were chatting.
Harold Howard and his famous chats.

What did he say?