Teen Wolf

- Hi, Scott.
- Hi.

Boof came over for a little one on one.
She's killing me.

What? What's so funny?
- We were just chatting. Do you mind?
- No, why should I mind?

Well, I gotta get going.
Would you like to walk me home?

- Boof, I just got here.
- Scott.

- Yeah.
- Thanks for everything.

- You better work on that jumpshot.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Are you coming?
- Yeah.

Get in!
So, you guys were chatting.
Harold Howard and his famous chats.

What did he say?
He mentioned you were thinking
of quitting basketball

- to work on a school play.
- Yeah.

I can see why. She's very pretty, Scott.
But she has a boyfriend.
A very large boyfriend.

The way things are going now
I should just stay away from everyone.

Even me?
I couldn't get rid of you if I tried.
- What?
- Do you remember?

- How old were we? Six?
- Five.

I wanted to run away,
but you wouldn't let me go alone.

- I thought you'd get lost.
- We just walked around the block

because our parents
wouldn't let us cross the street.

- I thought they were gonna kill us.
- But nobody even knew we were gone.

Did you ever tell anybody?
Me neither.

Scott, if you ever
need someone to talk to,