Teen Wolf

He mentioned you were thinking
of quitting basketball

- to work on a school play.
- Yeah.

I can see why. She's very pretty, Scott.
But she has a boyfriend.
A very large boyfriend.

The way things are going now
I should just stay away from everyone.

Even me?
I couldn't get rid of you if I tried.
- What?
- Do you remember?

- How old were we? Six?
- Five.

I wanted to run away,
but you wouldn't let me go alone.

- I thought you'd get lost.
- We just walked around the block

because our parents
wouldn't let us cross the street.

- I thought they were gonna kill us.
- But nobody even knew we were gone.

Did you ever tell anybody?
Me neither.

Scott, if you ever
need someone to talk to,

if something is bothering you,
I'll understand.

Not this time, Boof.
You won't understand.

- I've gotta go.
- Yeah, bye.

OK, now here's the drill.
Play 'em man for man.

- You know who you've got.
- (Stiles) Hey baby, ten hut. Nice haircut.

"Be all that you can be." What is this?
Is the president here or something?

- Good luck, Scott.
- Thanks. Thank you.