Teen Wolf

Now you've done it.
You don't know how long I have waited
to get you right where I have you.

You're never going to play
basketball again. You know why?

Because you're not going
to be here anymore, that's why.

You're out of here, Mr Howard.
And don't you...

Thorne. Go on home, son. Go ahead.
I'll handle this.
- You never learn, do you, Rusty?
- You stay away from me.

I want you to leave my son alone.
He's a good kid. He's just having
a tough time right now. OK?

I knew I could count on you, Rusty.
You can murder my family.
You can ravish my body.

But I beg you
with all that is decent and holy,

don't destroy my plantation.
- Sergeant, burn the fields...
- Hold it. Hold it, baby.

...down the house.
- Hold it right there, babe.

...this is a full dress rehearsal.
We need to see the wolf.

So wolf out, wolf up, wolf it.
Whatever you do. Pronto, amigo.

Mr. Lolley. I've been doing
some thinking and I decided

I'd rather play the part as me.
- Well, play it. Play it as myself.
- That wouldn't be theatre, would it?