Teen Wolf

I knew I could count on you, Rusty.
You can murder my family.
You can ravish my body.

But I beg you
with all that is decent and holy,

don't destroy my plantation.
- Sergeant, burn the fields...
- Hold it. Hold it, baby.

...down the house.
- Hold it right there, babe.

...this is a full dress rehearsal.
We need to see the wolf.

So wolf out, wolf up, wolf it.
Whatever you do. Pronto, amigo.

Mr. Lolley. I've been doing
some thinking and I decided

I'd rather play the part as me.
- Well, play it. Play it as myself.
- That wouldn't be theatre, would it?

See, no one wants to see you.
Well, like I said, I'd rather play it like this.
OK, I see. How am I gonna put this to you?
Look at it this way: No wolf...
...no part. What do you think?
Wow. Bummer, huh?
(Stiles) Hey, Scottie.
- I'll have Friday nights free.
- Even if you won't be the wolf,

- do you have to quit the team?
- Are you kidding?

You've seen me play basketball. I suck.
They want the wolf. I can't do it.

Wait a minute. What's going on?
What are you guys talking about?