Teen Wolf

See, no one wants to see you.
Well, like I said, I'd rather play it like this.
OK, I see. How am I gonna put this to you?
Look at it this way: No wolf...
...no part. What do you think?
Wow. Bummer, huh?
(Stiles) Hey, Scottie.
- I'll have Friday nights free.
- Even if you won't be the wolf,

- do you have to quit the team?
- Are you kidding?

You've seen me play basketball. I suck.
They want the wolf. I can't do it.

Wait a minute. What's going on?
What are you guys talking about?

We're talking about the wolf, Stiles. I can't
do it anymore. You saw what happened.

- Are you crazy?
- Maybe.

The championship is coming up
in less than four hours.

Everyone's depending on you.
Are you gonna let down your team?

Your school? This whole town?
What about me?
I've got a large investment going on over here.

Hey, Scott, do it for me.
(bell rings)
I gotta go, man.
Scott, help me out. Do the right thing.
That's all I wanna do, Stiles.
That's all I wanna do.

(cheering, screaming)