A Fine Mess

Good morning.
Terrific day, huh?
How much money do you have
in the bank?

And don't Iie to me, Dennis.
I can aIways teII when you're Iying.

-A IittIe over $1 00.
-You're Iying.

How can you teII?
-You're not even Iooking at me.
-I can teII.

-Okay, I have $200.
-Come on, come on.

-I have $1 2,000.

I'm Iying.
Gotta be ashamed of yourseIf. ReaIIy.
You shouId never Iie
about that kind of money.

-How much money do you have?
-I have $423.88.

-It's taken me three years to save that.
-Four hundred doIIars times 25.

-Ten thousand.
-Ten thousand.

Five thousand wouId be your haIf.
ActuaIIy, to be fair...

...we shouId give you back
your $400, then spIit.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
How do we get $1 0,000?

-Sorry Sue.
-Who the heII is Sorry Sue?

-The horse I was teIIing you--
-A horse?

-She's running in the third.

-No. No.

There is no way I'm gonna give you
my Iife savings to bet on a horse.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to our 33rd day of racing.

Our feature race of this afternoon...
... will be the 4 1 st running
of the $50, 000-added...

...Santa Clarita handicap
for fillies and mares.

Your attention, please.
Here are the changes
in this afternoon's racing card.

In the first race....
What if he don't show up?
You keep asking
the dumbest questions.

Why don't you try answering
your dumb questions once in a whiIe.