A Fine Mess

Oh, angeI, I just knew
you'd think of something.

I can hardly wait to see you.
Bye, darIing.
It's okay. He said he's gonna square it
and that you shouId Ieave the car here.

Oh, God.
Oh, I just Iove that song.
''Shake weII before using.''
This is Rick Dees in the morning,
up bright and early.

Answering our phones today,
Long John Wong from Hong Kong.

Long John, everything okay?
All right.
Good morning.
Terrific day, huh?
How much money do you have
in the bank?

And don't Iie to me, Dennis.
I can aIways teII when you're Iying.

-A IittIe over $1 00.
-You're Iying.

How can you teII?
-You're not even Iooking at me.
-I can teII.

-Okay, I have $200.
-Come on, come on.

-I have $1 2,000.

I'm Iying.
Gotta be ashamed of yourseIf. ReaIIy.
You shouId never Iie
about that kind of money.

-How much money do you have?
-I have $423.88.

-It's taken me three years to save that.
-Four hundred doIIars times 25.