A Fine Mess

Sit! Stay!
RoII over!
A teIephone caII
from a Miss Spivack, sir.

-Miss Spivack.

I don't know any Miss Spivack.
She did say it was something
about the stoIen motorcar, sir.

WeII, then, guess
I better go taIk to her.

Wonder how she got this number.
I toId you never to caII me at home.
WeII, this is an emergency.
Spence HoIden found the car
that was stoIen from your set.

Are you crazy? He stoIe it.
I know.
But some men were trying to kill him,
and he's an old, old friend.

Well, all right.
I'II try to square it with the cops.
Have him Ieave the car.

Oh, angeI, I just knew
you'd think of something.

I can hardly wait to see you.
Bye, darIing.
It's okay. He said he's gonna square it
and that you shouId Ieave the car here.

Oh, God.
Oh, I just Iove that song.
''Shake weII before using.''
This is Rick Dees in the morning,
up bright and early.

Answering our phones today,
Long John Wong from Hong Kong.

Long John, everything okay?
All right.