A Fine Mess

I don't know where we are.
Where are we?

-I don't know. Get back in the car.
-No. I'm not getting in this car with you.

Not in a miIIion years. You give me
one good reason why I shouId. One!

-AII right. Tina Spivack.
-That's not good enough!

I'm not gonna get my ass shot off
for Tina Spivack.

I couIdn't care Iess
about Tina Spivack.

-Who's Tina Spivack?
-We went to City CoIIege together.

You remember,
I nicknamed her ''the hummer.''

Every cop in the city is after you, and
you're gonna find an oId girIfriend?

Is that what you're gonna do?
What's a hummer?
She can't whistIe whiIe she works,
so she hums.

That's fascinating. But under the
circumstances, I'II take a rain check.

Wish I couId change your mind.
I hate Ieaving you here
with that big bIack dog.

-I'II be fine.
-You sure?

-Of course I'm sure.

What big bIack dog?
Sit! Stay!
RoII over!
A teIephone caII
from a Miss Spivack, sir.

-Miss Spivack.

I don't know any Miss Spivack.
She did say it was something
about the stoIen motorcar, sir.

WeII, then, guess
I better go taIk to her.

Wonder how she got this number.
I toId you never to caII me at home.
WeII, this is an emergency.
Spence HoIden found the car
that was stoIen from your set.

Are you crazy? He stoIe it.
I know.
But some men were trying to kill him,
and he's an old, old friend.

Well, all right.
I'II try to square it with the cops.
Have him Ieave the car.