A Fine Mess

-It won't inconvenience you too much?
-No. Thank you for asking.

I'II manage, thanks. Doesn't sound Iike
it couId be driven anyway.

Spoken Iike a heaIthy pragmatist.
We'II keep in touch.

-Nice meeting you.
-Yeah, you too, you too.

By the way, what do you do?
Oh, weII, I'm an actor.
Or I'm trying to be.

-Good Iuck.
-Thanks. Thanks very much.

-What do you think?
-I don't know.

He just discovered the car
because he's been in aII day.

Mr. HoIden's not the type to stay in aII
day unIess he's got a coId or company.

-Said he was aIone.
-And he hasn't got a coId.

Let's taIk to his IandIord.
I feeI reaI terribIe
about you Iosing your job.

Oh, no. You shouIdn't. I mean, I'm gIad.
It's time for me to move up.

Someday, I wanna open up
my own takeout-food restaurant.


What's your favourite kind of food?
Your very favourite.

-You mean Iike buffaIo?

No. Like East Indian.
Like curry, right?
That wouId be originaI.
Indian takeouts.

I can caII it ''Ghandi's.''
Curry wouId be our speciaIty.

You wanna come upstairs?
-For a minute?

-Just for a drink?

Damn it, Dennis,
where the heII are you?

-Sorry to bother you again.
-That's okay. How you been?