A Fine Mess

No, there's no Dennis here.
See, there's no Dennis here.

Thank you. I think you have
the wrong number. Bye.

Dennis? Dennis? Damn it!
That was you, Dennis. I know it was.
Okay, fine. Fine. You don't wanna
taIk to me, it's okay with me.

You're an accessory. It's your ass.
Okay, second fIoor, apartment B.
As in '' beautifuI day.''
-CaII me Iater?
-I'II caII you now. EIIen.

Spence. Top of the morning to you.
I wanna taIk to you.
Oh, great, Iet's go upstairs.
I got some good news for you.

I'm gIad somebody does.
-Where do you want this thing?
-That's fine. Keep it there.

That's great. Isn't this neat?
-Sign that right there.
-Sure. You got yourseIf a D and a P.

There you go. You gentIemen
have yourseIves a wonderfuI day...

...and may God bIess you both.
Go ahead.

Isn't this neat? It's a nice piano.
Where were you Iast night, Dennis?
-I got fired.

-What's the matter with you?
-Nothing. Why?

You got a fooIish grin on your face,
and your eyes Iook Iike fried eggs.

I got in a IittIe Iate.
Didn't get much sIeep.

There's a woman
that wants to buy the piano.

What woman?
Got her name.
It's written down right here.