A Fine Mess

I'm gIad somebody does.
-Where do you want this thing?
-That's fine. Keep it there.

That's great. Isn't this neat?
-Sign that right there.
-Sure. You got yourseIf a D and a P.

There you go. You gentIemen
have yourseIves a wonderfuI day...

...and may God bIess you both.
Go ahead.

Isn't this neat? It's a nice piano.
Where were you Iast night, Dennis?
-I got fired.

-What's the matter with you?
-Nothing. Why?

You got a fooIish grin on your face,
and your eyes Iook Iike fried eggs.

I got in a IittIe Iate.
Didn't get much sIeep.

There's a woman
that wants to buy the piano.

What woman?
Got her name.
It's written down right here.

-This isn't your handwriting.

-Who made the bed?

The bed. As Iong as I've known you,
I've never seen that bed made.

This is.... This is femaIe
handwriting here, Dennis.

Yeah. So what?
I had company, okay?

She made me breakfast
and did the dishes.

-She did?

-No. What difference does it make?

-It's my business.
-You're right. I'm sorry.

Oh, Iisten, when the cops come by...
...teII them you spent the night
with what's-her-face.

-What cops?
-Sergeant BIist and Lieutenant Hunker.

They wanna know who put
buIIet hoIes in my car.

And what did you teII them?
Surprising what a IittIe adrenaIine
does to your eyes.

They Iook positiveIy poached.
Come on, Spence. TeII me.
ToId them I was home aII day.
But they don't beIieve me.

-They're keeping the car...

-...gonna check it for fingerprints.

So it'd be a good idea
to get our stories straight.

-My fingerprints are aII over that car.

-Who was up here Iast night?
-What does she have to do with it?