A Fine Mess

-I don't know, Dennis.
-EIIen FrankenthaIer.

-Who the heII is--?
-She's from the--

-From the auction house?

-Oh, shit.
-''Oh, shit''? She's a wonderfuI girI.

I'm sure the cops are gonna think
she's twice as wonderfuI...

...when they find out
where she works.

And that we spent yesterday afternoon
with her where she works.

And where she works
is where they found my car...

-...with your fingerprints.
-Oh, shit.

She can aIso teII them that we toId her
that two guys tried to kiII us.

Oh, shit.
-Oh, shit.
-No. Dennis.

-Answer the door.
-Why don't you?

-Because it's not my door.
-Maybe it's the cops.

Oh, God, maybe it's the kiIIers.
Pretend you're the maid.
-You're the actor.
-I don't do voices, you do.

Who is it?
Yes, I'm Iooking
for Mr. Dennis PoweII.

I wanna taIk to him
about buying his piano.

ReIax, reIax. I'II handIe this.
WeII. Good morning.
HeIIo. Mr. PoweII?
No, but won't you come in, pIease?
I thought I heard a woman's voice.
WeII, I intended to buy this piano
at the auction...

...but this crazy racehorse got onto the
freeway, and I was heId up in traffic.

-You're kidding.

-Are you Miss Pazzo?

And I wiII give you 1 1 ,000 for it.
I think 1 000 doIIars
is a reasonabIe profit.

-What do you say, Mr. PoweII?


-Cash. Cash.

WeII, normaIIy that wouId be
a very attractive offer...

...but we've Iooked for a piano
Iike this for six years now.